My name's Steve Hickey. I'm a game designer, script-writer, editor and productivity geek.

This blog has a focus on table-top roleplaying games, but it'll also cover computer games and editing. I write about topics like:
  • game design advice I've been collecting online since 2007
  • my efforts to learn to code
  • mini-reviews of (and deep dives into) tabletop games
  • promoting other games that have inspired me
  • sharing progress and insights from my game designs
I intend to post 3-4 times per week. Here are some examples of what I write about:

A review of Undying by Paul Riddle.
Three examples of how my game, Soth, works.
An actual-play report on Wield by Gillian Fraser and John Wick.
A read-through analysis of Ryuutama by Andy Kitkowski.

My Games

I'm the editor of Monster of the Week and the creator of 'The Summoned', a playbook for Monster of the Week.

I've published three gaming products (so far):
  • Left Coast: a short story game about a science-fiction writer whose novel spills into real life.
    • Available for $6.99 from Payhip
    • Watch the trailer (2:15 mins)

  • Soth: a game about cultists trying to summon a dark god
    • Available for $6.99 from Payhip
    • Watch the trailer (1:15 mins)

I'm also a film-maker and script-writer. You can check out my first feature film, hopeless, here: http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/hopeless-2000