Saturday, June 13, 2015

Soth: a game of cultists vs investigators is now available

Kicking this blog off with a launch announcement: after years of playtesting and revisions, I've published Soth: a game of cultists vs investigators.

You can purchase it from Payhip:

Over the next few weeks, I'll blog about the process of writing Soth, including the lessons I've learned from publishing this and Left Coast.

I'm starting to think about publishing as a concentric set of skills you need to build up:
  • the writing and the playtesting
  • layout and art
  • the act of launching, which requires courage and allies (and, in my case, video production)
  • marketing, which I think of as finding the people who will really want to play your game and figuring out how to talk to them
  • print (the great unknown, for me, and a whole other set of skills I need to learn)
I know there's stuff I'm missing. What other aspects of the publishing process don't I know about?

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